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Due to our extensive experience delivering large scale shower solutions at a wide range of events we have been able to fine tune our designs to reflect our clients individual needs. This process has led us to engineer the following innovative solutions which are common to all our fleet.

  • Single Phase power requirements 32 amp or 16 amp
  • Low Flow Shower Heads 4 L p/min minute
  • 30 second push button shower heads to further conserve water
  • Steam Extraction System
  • Suspended Flooring (No standing in used water)
  • Pumped Waste Water using flexible waste pipe
  • Instantaneous Gas Boilers provide an inexhaustible supply of hot water on demand, without hot water storage.
  • Gas Boilers provide lowest Carbon Footprint per L of Hot Water available
  • Variable Temperature Control
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Height Adjustable Legs for uneven ground
  • Family Cubicles available in some units
  • Ramp access to units (not steps)
  • Minimal footprint per shower head
  • Internal wash system
  • Movable with HiAb or Telehandler

Fleet Total: 46 units which provide 478 Shower Heads

Transport: All of our fleet come on 20’ or 40’ Flat bed trailers. Transport is costed on a per event basis, please contact us for a quote. The units are designed for international transport on Road, Rail or Sea.